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Guest Post: My Graduation Journey by Talisa

Guest Post: My Graduation Journey by Talisa

Today, we have a guest post from Talisa of sharing her story on graduating. 

Hi! I’m Talisa and I am a  20-something Trinidadian by birth whose heart is over in England.

I just might be the odd one out, but I’ve already graduated.

My academic journey ended in November 2016, as a graduate of the University of the West of England. I pursued an MSc in Marketing Communications in the United Kingdom.

After my undergraduate degree and a few corporate jobs under my belt, I felt it was time to advance my career prospects. At first, it was out of a desire to eventually progress within the Advertising field.

Some Twists and Turns

Here is where I should also add something I typically forget to tell people. Originally, I’d registered to do a Journalism degree. The (very minimum) ‘research’ I’d done online told me that it was a good segue into some of the more senior positions within the Advertising field, especially if you wanted to be on the creative side of it. Besides that, writing is like breathing for me.

Well, two weeks into the Journalism programme, I realised with no uncertain terms that that particular course was not the one for me. We were essentially being led down a path of becoming television and radio journalists, interviewing people on the street, etc. Let’s just say that was not where I wanted to take things. I felt uneasy each day I went to class, as I realized what the course’s core focus was. One day I hurriedly walked out of a class (I think it was the Radio Journalism one), ran down the hallway and found the department in charge of the switching-courses process. Did I mention this was the day before the final deadline?

Finally On The Right Track

That day, I registered to switch to Marketing Communications within the University’s Business School. It wasn’t a one-step ‘fill-out-a-form’ process; for this particular course I was told I also should email the Programme Director, a brief email in addition to my request form, as to why I wanted to switch to his particular course and why he should choose me. I was nervous at first but thankfully I had some industry experience under my belt to wow him with, and he was a very cool gent. He responded two days later, and in short, said ‘Sure Talisa’. He also told me while waiting for the University to officially put through my change, I should start coming to his classes.

That’s where the real fun began. That’s when I was certain I was in the right course for where I eventually wanted to be; Founder and Marketing Director of my very own group of companies (let’s call it XYZ Group of Companies for now haha). Originally, I wanted to go back into the Advertising field; but my ideas, I felt, were mine and I wanted to put them to building something with my name on it, that I could control completely.


In the short term, I am now back in the Marketing Communications industry (nope it’s not the exact same as regular Marketing) field as a consultant as well as Marketing Officer (I offer businesses of value communications & branding strategy). While I get to do lots of what I love,  you can call it a series of steps I’m taking in the short term towards my final goal.

The End of the Road

Graduating was bittersweet for me, and to be honest, I wished my programme was longer than 12 months. I still miss my campus, my course-mates the wonderful people I met through industry events and extracurricular activities; the overall experience of being a student was one I treasured (minus that dissertation I had to do at the end, though!!). My second stint at university was worlds better than the first. I was around much friendlier, much more open people and a campus that gave me the resources I needed to thrive.

Thank you Jovania, for having me!!

Just a few of my incredible course mates

​                                                                                           Grad ceremony evening
My name is Talisa, and I’m a 20-something writer (online and off), Marketing professional and coffee-fiend. I am a MSc. Marketing Communications graduate of the University of the West of England, Bristol, England.
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