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Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites

Take time to celebrate the little joys in life.

Today, I’m here sharing my five favorite encounters of the week with you. I think we all take the time out to celebrate major events which sometimes means overlooking the smaller victories. With sharing my five favorite things, I get to reflect on what made me happy and hopefully bring you guys closer to a little extra joy in your life.

WATCHING My Twitter timeline was flooded with memes and commentary on Get Out so I knew I had to see it. Lucky for me, the movie theater on campus was showing it so I went last night and loved every second of it. I went by myself because I heard there would be many scenes that require a little extra thinking and I wanted to figure out my own thoughts before being influenced by anyone else’s. I went in with all eyes open, ready to dissect the film. After 144 minutes, I didn’t think I had to break down much- the micro-aggressions sort of jumped out at me. I went back to all the articles I swiftly avoided to dive deeper and see if I missed anything, I overlooked some of the irony. I don’t want to give anything away but if you’ve seen it let’s talk about it PLEASE.

EATING My roommate picked up a box of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites and OHMYGOD. I don’t even like cheesecake so when I took a bite of this, I was so surprised. We barely thawed them but they still had this super creamy consistency and managed to be sweet enough for dessert but not overbearing. We’re not sure if we have enough self control to get another box.


DOING I took my first Restorative Yoga class a few weeks ago and must say, I felt challenged in a positive way. For the first time, I really had to limit my thoughts to focus solely on my breathing. I found it difficult but also felt at ease after 60 minutes of not worrying about hitting quotas at work or finishing a paper before 11:59. I wrote an entire post on what I learned. Visit The Witty Wife to read more about my experience. I also loved this Black Girl In Om feature on the Restorative Yoga experience

LISTENING PODCASTS!! So I started a new internship and sadly, the bulk of it is filing papers and such. Yes, it is as boring as it sounds so I spend my time listening to podcasts. My go-to is The Friend Zone, focusing on everything mental health, mental wellness, and mental hygiene. It’s definitely a great way to start the day or give you an extra boost of positivity. I also came across One Part Podcast today which inspired me to make one meal a day, plant based. I’ll document and and update about it!

MANTRA: Leave people better than you found them I think this applies to everything you do- friendships, relationships, jobs, strangers. I’m in love with the idea of bringing positivity into your life and spreading that light to everyone you meet.

What are your favorite things from this week? Share with us in the comments!


  • This blog post made a me laugh a little! Love these Friday favourites…. the quote at the end is very inspiring !

    • Jovania

      Aw I’m glad, Chelsey!

  • I’ve never even heard of Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites before, but I know that I NEED to try them immediately! They look like sinfully delicious tiny little cubes.

    “Leave people better than you found them” is also a great mantra. I’d love to think that somebody’s life has been improved since they met me; there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve brought someone happiness!

    • Jovania

      I want everyone to try them, so good! And it’s a good feeling knowing you made someone’s day just a little better.

  • alicia nicole 💋 ✨

    COOKIE BUTTER in ANY variation is a good thing! Anyway, I LOVE the idea of this post! Would it be alright if I did something similar on my blog (I would give credit for the idea to you and link back to your blog)? It’s really great concept 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us this week. Cheers!

    Alicia Nicole xo

    • Jovania

      It’s funny cause I don’t like cookie butter on its own but I’m obsessed with these. And of course!! It’s definitely been done before, can’t wait to read yours.

  • Those cookie butter cheesecake bites look AMAZEBALLS. I’m sitting here drooling at my desk!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Jovania

      They’re worth the drooling!!

  • Get Out was such a masterpiece. Honestly,, I want to go see it again, because I feel as though I missed so many little hints. I’m glad you had a pleasant viewing experience.

    xx Aitza |

    • Jovania

      You should see it again. I might too!