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Why a blog?

I thought about blogging for a while before I actually started. Before this, I had a few other blogs on WordPress but I wasn’t consistent. I would add a post every now and then but they were mostly only for myself. I have a tumblr, as well, but I usually only reblog photos and sappy love quotes.  The idea for this blog stemmed from Twitter, actually. I found myself wanting to continue writing as I tweeted but was limited to 140 characters. I figured why not find a platform where I can say everything I want to without any limits. As for labels, you can say this is a lifestyle blog but I can’t seem to find an exact theme for my posts. That’s why I chose my name as the title– the theme is me. You get everything from my rants to restaurant reviews and tips on how to make the most out of your 24 hours. So to answer the question, a blog because I have a lot to say and think those of you reading will find posts that both apply to you and help make balancing every part of your life a little easier.